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Технологии света

Luminous is a technology company, dynamic, innovative and agile Business Management develops solutions through its own system of Artificial Intelligence "NEUROVIP".

NEUROVIP is a system that converts data from Enterprise Management tools (ERP's, CRM's, DMS's, GMP's, etc..) Into relevant information for Strategic Decision Making Company.

Luminous with its own artificial intelligence system "NEUROVIP" addresses all types of organizations, whether public or private sector.

Its usefulness is that strategic decisions in a timely and efficient manner to achieve business competitiveness to globalization and its environment.

NEUROVIP consists of three phases:
Phase 1: In the first phase analyzes the user-defined data.
Phase 2: In the second phase Know feeding information to social and / or business.
Phase 3: In the third phase recommends prioritizing specific interests of the company.

Практическая Информация

04.06.2014 10:30
30 минут
Место Проведения
Foyer Royal